Artist Bio

Alexia McKindsey is a Montreal based artist born in 1996 whose work explores the potential of domestic spaces, both as an illusion and pertaining to familial history. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts, her artistic focus lies in painting, drawing and printmaking techniques.

Artist Statement

The imagery and themes associated with my work derive from the spaces in which I’ve inhabited, one that recalls sentiments of comfort, memory and the everyday. The spaces we live in are a reflection of ourselves and in many cases, a reflection of the past generations of a family as well. My intention seeks to map out that progression of history and the ways in which our homes carry very specific traditions and peculiarities. Using the memory I have of a particular space, I dissect the fragments that strike me as most personally significant that I’ll then use to collage compositions together. Contrasting and combining elements of the otherwise mundane domestic landscape allows for the creation of a new reality to unfold, often absurd and illogical; a dreamscape of sorts.


ANTES is a collective founded by Alexia McKindsey and Jose Guillermo Garcia Sierra in 2018. Their first exhibition Contre-sens, done in collaboration with For the Sake of Analog was showcased at Atelier Galerie 2112.

“ANTES” seeks the promotion and empowerment of the painting medium. Tailored to showcasing emerging artists, we are interested in the vision of current and upcoming painters. How the traditionalistic medium of painting is manifested and interpreted in today’s post-modern world. With a keen interest in classical aesthetic values, we hope to preserve and revive painting’s past through a contemporary outlook.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Contre-sens, exhibition, Atelier Galerie 2112, Montreal

2018 The Clyde & Co Art Awards, collection, Clyde & Co, Montreal

2018 Compared to What, exhibition, Le pop up Galerie +, Montreal

2018 Peripheral Hours, exhibition, Peripheral Hours, Montreal

2018 Enclosed Comforts, exhibition, VAV Gallery, Montreal

2018 Parts of a Whole, featured collection, Centerfold, Montreal

2018 Knowing Yourself Lets You Understand Others, featured collection, Centerfold, Montreal

2017 Inversions I, exhibition, L’Éloi, Montreal

2017 EX·PO·SURE, co-curation, exhibition, Espace POP, Montreal

2017 Five Crucial Steps to Outrun Marina Abromović, Art Souterrain festival realized by the Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Montreal

2017  Retrace Your Steps,  exhibition, Gallery X, Montreal

2016 Labyrinth, print portfolio, group artist book, realized by Penelope Stewart

2016 APIS, exhibition, co-curation, Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Montreal

2016  IMPETUS, exhibition, L’Artothèque, Montreal

2016  VISION(S), exhibition, Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Montreal

2015  TRANS-, exhibition, Warren G. Flowers Gallery, Montreal

Curatorial Work

2019, Contre-sens, co-curation, exhibition, ANTES & For the Sake of Analog, Montreal

2018 Blue Prints, co-curation, exhibition, Art Matters Festival & Art Souterrain, Montreal

2017 EX·PO·SURE, co-curation, exhibition, Espace POP, Montreal


2019 Language, The Void Magazine, 17.2, Montreal, QC


(2016 – present) Undergraduate in Studio Arts, Concordia University

(2014 – 2016) Visual Arts DEC with honours, Dawson College

(May 2014) Lieutenant Governor’s Youth Medal (bronze)

(2009 – 2014) High school graduate with honours and scholarship