,Five Crucial Tips to Outrun Marina Abromović

March 2017
Art Souterrain, Nuit blanche à Montréal, Warren G. Flowers Gallery
Five Crucial Tips to Outrun Marina Abr​amović is an irreverent take on leisure and idleness, an invitation to play. Yet, under the millennial gloss, there’s a heartfelt, forward take on pop culture, new media, and art history, which shines in the CEGEP context. Young audiences aren’t always interested in learning half-baked truths from stuffy old men. Honestly, clickbait is way more appealing.
Tongue-in-cheek, brazen, and above all hands-on, these new works blur the boundary between artist and audience, the untouchable academy and the shared democratic. From the everyday to the uncanny, this playful exchange between the old and the new is timely and crucial, because only by bridging that gap can we outrun Marina Abramović.
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