January 2023

Duo-exhibition with Nicole Crozier presented by Z Art Space

December 2022
Mnemonic Devices

Solo exhibition presented by McClure Gallery

July 2022

Group exhibition presented by La Guilde
July 2022
Project Tabloïde
Billboard representation of Strawberry Fields

October 2021
FOA Talent

Virtual exhibition presented by the Artistellar
Group exhibition presented by Wallack Galleries

April 12

Virtual exhibition presented by the Toronto 600

March 28 - June 20
Ma realité magique

Group exhibition presented by Jano Lapin gallery

February 11
Strange Flowers​​​​​​​

Virtual exhibition presented by the Earth Issue

December 11 – March 12

Group exhibition presented by Jano Lapin gallery

FC ART and Nobel Artist Profiles

Artist profile feature by FC Art and Nobel

The Domestic Home and Family Narratives

Feature by Jano Lapin Media

October 20 – November 20

Group exhibition presented by Rad Hourani Gallery

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual exhibition presented by Serving the People

Trois artistes visuels émergents ayant exposé à la galerie AVE durant l’été 2020

Interview with Chantal L'Heureux for Magazine Radio In situ

September 10 – October 1
And The Mourning Dove Keeps Cooing

Solo exhibition presented at AVE – Arts Visuels Emérgents
The Earth Issue Freedom Fundraiser is a print sale created to raise funds for bail contributions and to support organizations fighting for social justice. Over £213,200 raised

Issue 45
Scrivener Creative Review

Publication and feature in Issue 45 of Scrivener Creative Review

March 14 – March 31
Inner Landscapes

Group show presented at Archive Contemporary

February 22 – February 29
Fièvre Hivernale

Group show presented by Nuit Blanche à Montréal and Atelier Galerie 2112

November 14 – December 18, 2019
Mémoires délusoires

Duo-exhibition with Saba Heravi at le Centre culturel Georges-Vanier
Comment les objets témoignent-ils de nos trajectoires personnelles ?
Pourquoi cet attachement aux éléments tangibles ?
Que représentent-ils pour nous et comment s’inscrivent-ils dans nos parcours de vie ? Leurs présences ne témoignent-elles pas de notre peur de l’oubli et de notre méfiance face à la fragmentation de notre mémoire et de nos souvenirs?

September 12 – September 15, 2019

Contemporary emerging art fair, Dorchester Square, Montreal

September 3 – September 10, 2019
Still Alive: Art and the Passing of Time

Group show presented by Hexad Gallery at Atelier Galerie 2112
Publication and feature in Language issue of The Void Magazine

January 24 – February 8, 2019

Group exhibition presented by ANTES and For The Sake Of Analog at Atelier Galerie 2112
Contre-Sens is an exhibition that focuses on traditional methods of working in the techniques of painting and analog photography. ANTES and For The Sake of Analog are two collectives that seek to promote and empower traditional techniques in Fine Arts with a contemporary outlook. With a keen focus on method, ANTES’ artists manifest classical aesthetic values and the traditionalistic medium of painting interpreted in today’s post-modern world. For the Sake of Analog promotes the practice of young art students creating work using an old medium in this modern, digital age; allowing them to express themselves in a way that modern mediums did not allow them to.

November 2- 25, 2018
Compared to What

Group exhibition, Le Pop Up Galerie +
‘Compared to what’, inspired by jazz singer Roberta Flack, brings together a disparity of works widely different from one another in terms of thematic, perspective and style but, at the same time, related. Each artist exhibiting is a current or past undergraduate student at Concordia University in the faculty of Fine Arts. The combination of shared studio space, personal relationships linking the individual artists and certain key aesthetic focal points, string a link between all ten exhibiting artists.

October 4, 2018
Peripheral Hours

Group exhibition, Peripheral Hours
To highlight the emergence of a new Artist Run Center, artists from various backgrounds in Tioh’tià:ke/Montreal take over an apartment building in the peripheral district of Chabanel. What new perspective can we bring to the intimacy from the home? How do we consider the notion of centrality in relation to its periphery? Consciously, inventively and spontaneously, artists transform a domestic space into a collective and wild site of becomings. Join us for the collective exhibition of this DIY art space and be taken into the penumbra of PERIPHERAL HOURS!

September 20, 2018
Enclosed Comforts

Group exhibition, VAV Gallery
“Living in patterns, seeking out pleasure, in these four walls.
Take me back, take me back, take me back.
Tell me where I came from.”
At ease calm, relaxed, peaceful, serene… these are internal states we often seek through external comforts. From our homes. From those who care for us. Or perhaps a box full of objects that hold precious memories. These artists reach to those intimate spaces. Their works offer meditations on household dynamics, middle-class comforts, nostalgia, memory, traditions and origins. We hope that you’re able to feel at home during this exhibition…

March 5 – 16, 2018

Co-curation with Jose Guillermo Garcia Sierra, Collaboration between the Art Matters Festival, Art Souterrain and the VAV Gallery
The relationship between the artist and their work is directly guided by and linked with the passage of time. It is impossible to set an exact point where a tangible material becomes art. This process of transformation occurs on an individual basis unique to the artist; a performance guiding a material object into something of its own that is then characterized as art. The beginning and end of the piece are events that will forever remain in flux: an ambiguous timeline.

April 19, 2018
Parts of a Whole

Collection with Centerfold
Just as the media within the artworks themselves are collected from different sources, these works were created by different artists and assembled into a kind of meta-collage. By definition, collage is a process by which differing forms are assembled to create a new whole. Parts of a Whole is a collection of work that explores the collage as a medium and art-form.
Collection with Centerfold
For the month of March, we opened our webspace exclusively to women, People of Colour, Indigenous peoples, and queer, trans and non-binary individuals in an effort to encourage people who possess these identities to share their work with us and use our space to promote themselves and their practice.

June 1, 2017

Group exhibition and co-curation, Espace POP
EX·PO·SURE is an all femme pop-up exhibition showcasing emerging artists based in Montreal. By means of interdisciplinary practices, we investigate the theme of exposure through emotional vulnerability and the idea of fully occupying one’s own physical space in the world. Reclaiming what should have always been ours, we seek to offer a platform where femmes can exist and be heard.
Interactive painting Feeling.jpg exhibited in Five Crucial Tips to Outrun Marina Abromović as part of the 9th edition of the Art Souterrain festival at the Warren G. Flowers Gallery.
Five Crucial Tips to Outrun Marina Abr​amovic is an irreverent take on leisure and idleness, an invitation to play. Yet, under the millennial gloss, there’s a heartfelt, forward take on pop culture, new media, and art history, which shines in the CEGEP context. Young audiences aren’t always interested in learning half-baked truths from stuffy old men. Honestly, clickbait is way more appealing.
Tongue-in-cheek, brazen, and above all hands-on, these new works blur the boundary between artist and audience, the untouchable academy and the shared democratic. From the everyday to the uncanny, this playful exchange between the old and the new is timely and crucial, because only by bridging that gap can we outrun Marina Abramovic.

May 20 – 27, 2016

Graduating group exhibition upon completion of a DEC in Visual Arts at Dawson College, Montreal
The Fine Arts Department of Dawson College is pleased to present APIS: the Visual Arts Graduating Students Exhibition. The title is a Latin reference to the bee, and to wider associations of industrious and concerted activity that characterize our Visual Arts student collective.

April 26 – May 11, 2016

Group exhibition, Warren G. Flowers Gallery

March 27 – April 16, 2016

Group exhibition, Warren G. Flowers Gallery
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